The importance of Walking-Through apartment before you buy it!

Imagine your real estate presentation in new format

Walk-through property in the browser by using:

Static renders are history

Static renders limit viewers to selected few points.

With our interactive 3D model in browser, you can overcome this.

Embed our 3D model on your website and share to your client

We deliver our model in HTML format so it can be easily embedded on your website and then shared as a link to your clients.

We use WebGL technology to present content in the browser and it runs smoothly on all major web-browsing software:

Timeline for delivery of 3D models is up to 7 days!


  1. Tell us about your project
  2. Send us your Architectural Designs: Layout plan, Material & Furniture selections, 3D model if available, location photos
  3. We will prepare preliminary model for client comments (3-4 days)
  4. Final 3D model approval (2-3 days)
  5. As a final product you will receive:
    • Link of your apartment on our web page
    • HTML files with instructions how to upload 3D Model it on your web-site


Residental Building

  • 0:00 Exterior
  • 0:44 Entrance Lobby
  • 1:04 Lift ride
  • 3:09 Apartment
  • 2:56 Swimming Pool

Arabic Style Villa

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:42 Entrance
  • 1:27 Sun Study
  • 1:55 Living Room
  • 2:42 TV Room


  • 0:00 Living Room
  • 0:24 Material Changes
  • 0:44 Light Turn on/off
  • 1:04 Kitchen

Hotel Project

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:55 Entering Plateau
  • 2:44 Orbit Camera
  • 3:56 Landscaping
  • 4:59 Night View

Shopping Mall

  • 0:00 Entrance
  • 0:48 Material Changes
  • 1:16 Sun Study

Office project

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:30 Walk-Through
  • 1:48 Light Turn On/Off
  • 2:57 Auditorum


Why is 3D Demo apartment good investment?

  • It will help you won listings away from competition
  • It will Increase user engagement 5x
  • Price range is comperable with CGI images but your are getting much more!

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What other
people say

"Traditional CGI or a floor plan can't tell the story of how you live in a multi-story home. The Demo Apartment provides the ability to walk through the home and it is crucial to a true understanding of the home's value to the individual."

"Exceptional way of presenting your off-plan real estate, clients simply love it."

"My sales team has been delighted with the response to Demo Apartment Showcase. Our agents have won listings away from the competition."